Always be vigilant when foraging!

by | Mar 14, 2016

This is another example of how an edible species can grow side by side with a toxic species.

This is Wild Garlic – Allium ursinum – and growing amongst it is Lords n Ladies/Cuckoo Pint/Arum Lily/Jack in the Pulpit (it goes by many names) – Arum maculatum – also highlighting the importance of Latin names as there are species of edible plant known colloquially as ‘Jack by the Hedge’ – Alliaria petiolata and ‘Cuckoo flower’ – Cardamine pratentis. Localised namings could cause confusion! Anyway, back to the photo, this is why grabbing handfuls of plants is not a professional – or safe – approach. When you look at the second photo, you can clearly see the difference, and be able to safely identify. Not so simple when snatching and being in a rush. Foraging should be a nice, calm and rewarding activity.

Wild garlic.

Arum maculatum (left), and Allium ursinum (right)

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